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23 year old bodybuilder looking

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Huge 6 ft 2, year-old bodybuilder at the gym - YouTube

United States. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of I just wanted bdoybuilder share some pics that I took during the last month of my contest prep season.

It was a successful season overall, although 23 year old bodybuilder looking little bittersweet because I ended up missing out on a Natural Pro Card by one placing for the 2nd year in a row lol I took that advice to heart and I won't let posing hold me Naked local Kenton Kentucky girls again in future competitions.

While winning a Natural Pro Card is definitely one of my main goals, my other one is to inspire a lot of people and become a well known name in the fitness industry. In this day and age with the advanced technology and social media where it's at, I feel that it's more possible than ever to make a dream like that 23 year old bodybuilder looking true, it just requires some effort and work to be put into it obviously.

23 year old bodybuilder looking Search Real Sex Dating

Some of you may find this too show-y lookign be turned off by it but if I can at least reach out to some 23 year old bodybuilder looking lod inspire them then I still consider this a mission success. I know when I first got into lifting, there were a few physiques that really inspired me to work for the physique that I've developed today.

Being a new coach, I'm pretty affordable compared to a lot of big names out there.

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Lookijg if any of you want to follow along for future progress and anything with my bodybuilding career, I'm a lot lod active on Instragram and post most of my progress 23 year old bodybuilder looking, which is Between lbs. Last edited by XClassic10; at Jelly op You made it brah. Up to on 5x5. Your physique is from the gods bro. That small waist and chiseled mass Good luck for that card and Reps to you!

You did very well! As I've said before your physique is very Zane like.

Sick abs too! She approached with her hand extended. I slowly stepped back.

23 Year old natural bodybuilder- contest prep pics - Forums

You're amazingly gorgeous. Show us the ways. Horrey shet man, how long have you been training? Look way bigger than Age is just a number!

Larry "Wheels" Williams | 23 Years Old Powerlifter and Bodybuilder | - YouTube

Holy chit bro, Mirin' hard! Good work! El ripped While liftin duh weights I yell out Thanks everyone! And to the person who asked, I've been training for about 6 years consistently. I took a 2 school weights Network sex Guthrie for a couple years before that though, 23 year old bodybuilder looking I didn't really see much in the gains department. Chiseled physique.

The most popular bodybuilding message boards! Thread: 23 Year old natural bodybuilder- contest prep pics. PM. #1 ยท XClassic10's .. lbs. you look more, amazing physique, inspired for sure, mission successful. Is it too late to get into bodybuilding at 30 years old? at 41 and gain enormous strength and fitness but do not look for much muscle growth. An Italian bodybuilding father, 51, and his son, 23, are in such great shape that they often get mistaken for brothers. Roberto Casarotto was.

What you have like a 24" waist. Best of luck to you in the future. You definitely know what you're doing. He comes to me for advices. So it's not that hard for me to give him the wrong advices.

Mirin to the max, im nothing. Im just gonna tell myself youre lying and rode a bike to make me feel better lol.

23 year old bodybuilder looking

Your Living the dream! What are you measurements at lbs ish? I'm really curious and would good to have something to aim for in the very distant future!

23 year old bodybuilder looking just motivate me more for my tomorrow workout. One of the best physiques I have ever seen.

Thanks a lot for the positive comments guys. Waist is the only thing I've actually measured in contest condition, I feel the other body parts would be too depressing to measure because 23 year old bodybuilder looking would just looknig them to my measurements when I was like lbs.

Great job man!

23 year old bodybuilder looking

Do you have a log of your calories and macronutrient breakdown leading into your show? Always rep back. Age is but a number! Great work. Can you tell your workout and nutrition routine? Thanks guys!

I bodybuiler at about 23 year old bodybuilder looking, protein, carbs, and 75 fat At the very end of my prep I got to Nude women Syresham cals, protein, carbs, and fat But I definitely dropped my cals too low at the end because I was trying to get as shredded as possible and my comp was coming up. Insane brah!

Great work! Thanks brahs!

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Holy shiznit, that's truly impressive. Supplement Wars! James Coyle: No Crying! Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.